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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is your guarantee?

Pups born on our property have parents that have been cleared by OFA on Hips, elbows, and eyes. This prevents any hereditary defects that may be carried over to your puppy. Although, there is still a small probability your puppy will result with a physical defect. So the following guarantee has been set in place. Owner must have the pups eyes examined by 6 months of age by a Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist must state in writing, with certainty, the defect is hereditary and not caused by injury or any illness. Dogs checked after six months of age are not guaranteed to get a new puppy. Guarantee only covers the original owner of the puppy as long as the dog has been xrayed between 24 and 28 months and has not been bred. The dog must be certified to be dysplastic by OFA or does not CERF with documented veterinarian visits that show weight gain or injury was the cause of this defect. If we have received certification that your defected puppy has been spayed or neutered, a copy of OFA or CERF results has been received, you will be rewarded a puppy of comparable value (according to pick of the litter) from the next available litter. The owner will pay all transportation costs on the new puppy and will keep the original dog.

What is your purchase agreement?

Southern Illinois Pointers requires a $250 deposit in order to reserve a puppy. The deposit is non-refundable, unless buyer wishes to apply it to another litter within the course of one calendar year. The balance of the cost of the puppy is due prior to pick-up or shipping. A complete health record will be furnished at the time of purchase, along with documentation of a comprehensive veterinary examination. AKC registration papers will also be included with your paperwork. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping and carrier. The balance of the cost of the puppy is due two weeks prior to pick-up or shipping. Southern Illinois Pointers will notify buyer of the cost of shipping upon request and/or at the time of deposit. Southern Illinois Pointers ask to be notified if the new owner is unable to keep the dog. We request that you contact me first, especially if you are considering sending the dog to a humane society or rescue organization. Deposits and final payments can be made by personal check, money order, or by credit card (PayPal). All balances must be paid-in-full in order for buyer to accept possession of his/her new gundog. Please contact us regarding any financial-type questions. We sincerely will do our absolute best to provide you with a satisfying experience when it comes to the purchase of one of our dogs. It is our desire to serve you to the best of our abilities!

Do you have customer service?

Of course!  We are available to answer your questions.  Click HERE.