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Meet The Stars

Dedicated to producing quality Fox Red Pointing Labs.

Here are the stars that make all things possible.

SIP Scotts Dale


Dale is everything you want in siring your Fox Red pup. He’s Dark Red, is instinctive in the field, and contains all 4 of our Fox Red Foundation studs, Helm’s Point Doctor PT, Signature Point Doctor, Sauks River Featherstorm, and Riks Risky Raider. If you are looking for an instinctive hunter, you would look for one of these names, has all four in his background! Aside from Dale’s natural ability to hunt, he is a super companion! Polite with people, gentle with kids, and stay’s out of people’s ways. Call about a pup from Dale and Roxy…

SIP Sage


Sage is the traditional lab look, very blocky head, and broad through the body. She is full of talented ancestors in her background. Starting with her mom that was once owned by SIP, she’s a certied pointer and by 4x GMPR Iowa pointing labs Kodiak. Just take a look at her pedigree..

SIP Kali


We are extremely excited about Kali’s litter as she is a direct descendent of 4x GMPR Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak. Crossed with our male, “DALE”, we should have some phenomenal well rounded Fox Red pointing labs!

SIP Lauck’s Bailey Girl


Bailey has an instinctive natural point, she retrieves, and offers her owner the best relationship he could ever ask for (BASED OUT OF KANSAS CITY). Bailey is out of our lone, lost, stud; Sabar. Which contributed to Bailey’s drive in the field. I guarantee this kind of drive and instinct will be carried over to her puppies! OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, CERF Eye, and EIC results will be in soon! Stay updated, and feel free to contact about reservations on future pups.


SIP Rojo Roxy


We lost our beloved Roxy in 2016. Roxy was one of a kind – a”once in your lifetime” dog, friend, companion – so sweet. What a great mama – through her litters, she has added many great labs and eld trial champions to the industry. She will be deeply missed…