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***Dedicated to producing quality Fox Red Pointing Labs***


Southern Illinois Pointers is dedicated to producing quality Fox Red Pointing Labs. Our dogs are bred for performance. Whether it be for Upland or Waterfowl hunting, they get it done! Aside from their unique color and phenomenal hunting abilities, they also make great family companions, unparalleled by other breeds.


Our females are bred to be good natured and well rounded dogs. They are based around the legendary “Helm’s Point Doctor PT.” With many other Grand Master Pointing Retrievers added to the mix.  Click on “Meet the Stars” to see more.


In our males, we look for a ton of drive in both the water and the field. After a lot of dedicated research, we have found just that. Click on “Meet the Stars” to see more. We will continue reconstructing and modifying our lines in eort to better the Fox Red Labrador Retriever breed. Raising great gun dogs are what we are all about. And if you are looking for the ultimate sporting tool and a super companion, give us a call!



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I sit here reminiscing of the last four years with foxing it almost bring tears to my eyes! So whoever reads this and is looking for a diehard waterfowl dog you need to look no further his bloodline is amazingthis season she ran 72 marks without a hand single let’s see how many Hollywood dogs can do that! For me there’s two things that make a great dog train ability and desire both you will ndI could sit here and write about stories of the last four years all night it’s been a great journey.

Bob C.

I searched for a while looking for the right breader for top quality red fox labradors and I’ve got to say the puppy I’ve bought from Jake is by far the best pup I’ve ever had the pleasure to buy my pup ginger is a strong full of re and has a love of the water and will point birds before my friends full grown dogs can even point and pick up the scent On 10/19/2014. My ginger was in the Duck blind with me and soon as I pulled up my gun she seen where I shot and bolted to the water to see where I shot and seen the Duck and Jumped in the river and retrieved her rst duck I wanna thank u guys for a awesome dog.

Adrian P.
Jake, I wanted to give you a quick update on the 1st pick male from the Dale x Roxy 2014 litter. He points!!! So first off his official registered name is “KIRBY EASTWOOD SIPOINTERS.COM”. At 17 weeks he weighed in at 31.6 lbs. Happy, healthy, and super smart. He picks up training very easily. I’ve been working with him with a dove wing on a string and he absolutely loves it. He has shown some pointing then even if it is a visual point. But recently I have been working him on some pen raised quail I picked up for him. Planting or tossing out a bird, I can work him down wind and he will pick up a scent cone, work in towards it, and point even without seeing the bird. I haven’t snapped any pictures of him pointing yet but will try to on our next outing. He is so full of energy and such a joy to be around. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Oh and everybody comments on how beautiful he is. Thanks for such an outstanding dog!
Jason E.

We picked up Foxie at the end of July 2012, we couldn’t be any more in love with her. She is a wonderful family dog. So full of energy, loving, funny and couldn’t be any smarter. She potty trained so well. She is for sure a bird dog She was a blessing to us and our family. We wouldn’t trade her for the world! THANK YOU JACOB for an amazing puppy! If you would like some pictures, please let me know, we have a million!

Mark & Joni B.

We have had Remington since July and he is absolutely great! We brought him home early and he was potty trained within 3 days. He is incredibly smart and a joy to have. Have been training him on pheasant wings and he picked it right up. We couldnt be happier!

Tom & Katelyn K.

Hi Jake, We named the 4th pick female of Roxy & Dale, Samantha. She is doing great. Eating well and sleeping well. Thanks.

Nancy & Dan B.